Elusive musician and poet Thåström co-designs jewellery with Efva Attling
The equally legendary and reclusive musician Thåström makes a surprising entry to the jewellery world.
17 Sep 2020

Joachim Thåström is not only one of Sweden’s most legendary musicians, he is also completely withdrawn from any kind of platform or forum that doesn’t revolve around music. To add to his mystique, he has hardly done any interviews since the start of this millennium. Today, however, Thåström emerges from the dark by launching Thåström x the HÖGDALEN jewellery collection with iconic designer and jeweller Efva Attling.

— Efva was very good at persuading me. She is a very passionate person and I like that. I say no to almost everything but thought that I might have to do the opposite someday. I got a ring from Efva that had ”Fan fan fan” scripted into it, and it sounded like a fun and different idea and… well, jewellery is nice I guess, Thåström says in a statement.

”Fan fan fan” is a lyric Thåström wrote in 2005, which roughly translates to ”damn damn damn”. All the pieces of the jewellery collection include Thåström’s lyrics printed or inscribed to Attling’s designs. The collection is made out of bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Thåström was mostly involved in the design of the Det Finns En Stjärna necklace, that resembles a military dog tag. The design is influenced by a tag that he received from a Nicaraguan soldier in the ’80s.

— Thåström is a fantastic poet with a lot of power. Music and lyrics go really straight in, it’s the first psychologist that can open your heart. I have also always used words for my jewellery and I want to continue to touch people with words, Attling concludes.