Design studio All Matters presents line of ”exclusive and powerful” room perfumes at 3daysofdesign
Joining forces with French perfume designer Emmanuel Martini for a new luxury fragrance brand — with a very generic name.
15 Jun 2022

Founded by a Danish architect and a Swedish marketer, All Matters presented its first launch — a modular concept for rugs — at 3daysofdesign two years ago. A couple of more launches later, the studio releases En Doft (A Scent) at the Danish design festival this week. Teaming up with Emmanuel Martini — a French perfume designer running his own fragrance studio in Copenhagen — they present two exclusive and handcrafted room perfumes, Domus Sanctus and Aestas Liguria, inspired by scents from the Mediterranean region. 

Domus Sanctus is described as a rich, warm, balsamic, and powerful perfume, with ambery, leathery, and smokey facets followed by woods and oud notes. Aestas Liguria opens with a fruity pulp of bergamot and red citruses which is blended with petitgrain and a handful of aromatic herbs aiming to depict the Italian Riviera. Black pepper, lavender, and green myrtle create spicy shades, which are harmonized with vetiver, precious aged woods, and Virginian cedar. Or, as All Matters puts it: the alluring scent of the Mediterranean warm summer nights.