Guide / Dalarna
”Dalarna is home to friendly, welcoming people and a spirit of helping each other out”
On finding an entrepreneurial drive in nature
26 Mar 2021

Michael Lind is the co-founder and owner of Hello Sunnanhed, a hybrid between a creative studio and a boutique homestay in the Dalarna region of Sweden. The concept emerges from the inquisitive minds of Michael and co-founder Rob Street. In respecting the beauty of the original facade of the old barn, the design duo focuses on the interiors, conjuring an expansive and inspiring space that explores new ways to live, work and most importantly — flow wildly in creativity.

This year various artists, writers, creative chefs and musicians will reside in the space to immerse themself into deep work. This month Hello Sunnanhed is also open to public bookings.

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Dalarna:
Most places are all about the people and Dalarna is absolutely home to friendly, welcoming people and a great spirit of helping each other out. It’s fun to experience the incredible drive and entrepreneurship mostly associated with larger cities.

My favourite weekend routine:
Meditate in nature, it’s special when you do it all year round. For some reason, coffee always seems to taste better in the woods than at a cafe.

My favourite place for dining out:
Honestly, bringing my favourite treats and firing up some logs is the preferred dining out plan. Otherwise, I would rate Bruntegården as a great high-level food experience with impressive chefs turning local produce into international delicious bites.

Photo: Visist Dalarna

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting:
Take away coffees and a walk on any frozen lake, honestly utilizing nature as a meeting room is the best business hack for that never fails.

My favourite breakfast place:
A few years ago this lady retired from SAS and moved back to Dalarna. She jumped two feet first deep into her passion for handcrafted bread. In a little sleepy village with approx 400 people living, she now runs Snitths Hantverksbageri. For baked goods fanatics, it is such a little gem. Only open on the weekends.

Snitths Hantverksbageri.

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:
In the tiny village of Svärdsjö, there’s a stunning little flower and interior shop called Omhulda owned by Lina Bifrost. It feels like it should be much more of a metropolitan atmosphere. The shop also hosts ceramic potter Ida Svärdström’s work. She is for sure one to keep an eye on with her smooth designs.

My favourite cultural spot:
Dalhalla is in one way a strange and at the same time an impressive idea for a venue. How they attract international names to visit a concert venue in the woods is pretty epic.

Ceramic work from Ida Svärdström at Omhulda.

My favourite hotel for a staycation:
There is a great little family-run hotel in Tällberg called Åkerblads. There is a strong authentic ambience to it, with local food prepared by geeky chefs. Sometimes we go there just for the breakfast and then to smash out a few hours of laptop work in a cosy lounge chair.

My favourite space for great design:
Svarta Gran is well worth a visit when cruising through Dalarna. A little gem of a gallery in the town named Avesta where two dedicated art enthusiasts have created an unexpected venue for art in their private basement. It’s super impressive how they are able to attract big names from around the country. It really shows what dedication means.


My favourite thing at home:
No morning is the same without an Aeropress to kickstart things with.