Circular Monday gathers hundreds of companies promoting a better consumption
The day of circular shopping goes global.
26 Nov 2020

Last Monday, Swedish founder and organizer Henning Gillberg (pictured) and his global team arranged the event for the fourth consecutive year. This year under a new name.

— Yes, we changed from White Monday to Circular Monday, he tells. That was necessary, but I was nervous about it. 

What do you do?

— Instead of getting discounts on newly produced items, we’ve gathered hundreds of companies that give discounts on rental services, repair services, and second-hand products.

How was this edition?

— Better than expected. We’ve updated our website, so it’s convenient for the regular consumer to find circular companies. We now got a solid technical ground to scale up our all-year-round circular database.

How’s the feedback been?

— People are happy with the name change since it’s much more clear what the day and movement are all about. The reach has been extra big in Finland and Germany.

While the event has grown to over a dozen countries across the world, gathering brands and retailers as well as influencers promoting it, Gillberg is constantly looking to extend the organizer network to expand further.

Finally, what do you say about Black Friday?

— Try circular consumption! You get the same function, but it doesn’t require as much resources from Mother Earth.