Scandinavian Mind X Expo 2020 Sweden
Cecilia Hertz (Umbilical Design) on how space technologies can bring wellbeing on earth
Season 2, episode 7.
13 Oct 2021

Today we sit down with space designer Cecilia Hertz, founder and managing director at Swedish space technology company Umbilical Design. Cecilia walks us through how space tech can give us a bird’s-eye view of problems we have on the ground. She also breaks down Space Week, one of 10 thematic weeks at Expo 2020 in Dubai, where space researchers and designers from all over the world will gather to push humanity into new dimensions.

Some of the talking points are:

What exactly is a space designer.

The complexity of weighing in space travel’s impact on the environment.

Astronauts consuming just the exact amount of food and water that they need, nothing more, nothing less.

Circular economy is the only way to survive for astronauts.

Scandinavia’s space sector.

The golden era of space technology.

The grains of truth in Elon Musk’s bombastic statements. 

Mars, obviously!