Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck on the rebirth of airships
Season 2, episode 21.
1 Dec 2021

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Carl-Oscar Lawaczeck has been an aeroplane pilot for more than a decade but is now taking another trajectory within aviation — airships. Lawaczeck is the CEO of OceanSky, a Swedish based aviation company that seeks to disrupt air travel through the reinvention of LTA, Lighter-than-air technology. 

In this episode, Carl-Oscar talks about:

The safety of lighter than air technologies

How airships are more similar to travelling on the water than in the air

Why OceanSky is staring out in the luxury space

How to change our living patterns and only use 20% of what we use today.

The smoothness and flexibility of 360 vertical take-off and landings. 

Are people ready to give up time to save emissions?