Bootski’s eye-catching innovation aims to give more people the chance to try downhill skiing
Based on two childhood friends’ 20 years old idea, it’s a brand new way to hit the slopes.
4 Apr 2022

Oskar Landström and Tobias Svensson grew up in the southwest part of Sweden spending an excessive number of hours on the small ski slope that was available during the winter period.

— The product we have created simply comes from an idea that stretches back about 20 years, Landström explains. As the ski slope we were used to at home was very short and the rides went very fast, we wanted to try something new. We then came up with the idea that it would be really fun to be able to ride directly on our feet. So, we bought a bunch of ordinary downhill skis, sawed off the top and screwed these on the boots — and all of a sudden there were incredibly many more opportunities on the ski slope.

And how do you use it?

— The unique thing about BootSki is that it fits directly on a regular ski boot, which gives more choices for the skier. Since it’s incredibly easy to carry it with you in your backpack, you can easily vary your rides during the day. For example, when you teach your children real skiing, it is easy to assist if you have BootSki yourself. It is extremely good for training your balance and many ski instructors and ski schools today use them to train that real skiing. Many beginners who have never been on a ski slope before also find it much easier when they start with these, as it is easy to control the speed. And, for us, it was just an extremely fun ride developing them and it still is today 20 years later.

Have you seen any similar ones on the market?

— No, there are no similar products. There are some models where the ski and the ski boot are attached to each other, which is a problem when you, for example, want to go into a restaurant and need extra shoes…

— Above all, we want to give more people the chance to try downhill skiing. So many just give up after the first time because it is considered too difficult. Seeing more people on the slopes riding down on their feet is incredible — it is a new way of skiing with no limits regarding how much you can do with a pair, Landström concludes.