Big Scandinavian hotel group can finally answer the question: ”Where can I buy that lamp?”
ESS Group’s CEO Annika Hildingsson Gill on why they’ve entered retail.
15 Mar 2022

Fyri Resort, Hotel Pigalle, and Hotel Marienlyst are only a few of the destinations that have helped ESS Group secure a leading position for premium hotels in Scandinavia.

Annika Hildingsson Gill, you’ve just launched Home of Ess. Tell us what it is.

— Even since the start, with Ystad Saltsjöbad in southern Sweden, and after that, we’ve been asked where to buy that lamp, chair, sofa, and so forth. Launching Home of Ess now makes buying them possible, she says, continuing,

— Our hotels all have their own unique interior designs and this is our attempt to make it possible to bring that feeling and uniqueness home. As mentioned, many guests have asked where to buy a special table, mat, pillow — or even the bed — and we also get a lot of questions regarding scents, food, and drinks. So, we thought that now is the time for us to give back, offering hospitality in a new way.

Home of Ess.

According to Hildingsson Gill, Home of Ess can also make the hotels smarter.

— We are working on different ways to make it easy to find what you are looking for when staying at our destinations, such as QR-codes and availability. Let me take an example: If you’re going to Fyri Resort and would like to have a certain ”The mountains are calling-package” — no problem, we will deliver that to your room. The platform is also a great way to interact with our guests, stay relevant, and share inspiration. Right now we are building new categories like Lifestyle, Dog stuff, and Pool & Garden that will be launched later 2022.