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As the lines between art and design blur, initiative CREAM explores the boundary between them
The fair’s ambition is to bring together Scandinavia’s most interesting art and design objects and present them in a new context attractive to both existing and potential new collectors from different markets.
16 May 2022

It was not until the 16th century that scholars in Florence, Italy began to distinguish between art and design. Prior to that, there was no conceptual distinction between, for instance, a beautiful piece of furniture and a sculpture. Today, we are seeing those lines blur once again and the new initiative CREAM, created by Stockholm-based art consultant Jonas Kleerup and strategic branding studio tätatät, aims to shine a light on the current situation: Can art be functional? What role do physical objects play as our lives become increasingly digital?

Jonathan Nilsson (Arranging Things).

The public interest in contemporary art keeps growing, with a new generation of collectors who, in addition to their passion for art, are also looking to update their homes with more than “just” furniture. This interest has been captured by pop-up showcases of thought-provoking craft and design, organized in conjunction with the larger art fairs. Established galleries are now founding their own design departments, and craft objects like ceramics and textiles are in more high demand than ever.

Hanna Hansdotter (Gallery Steinsland Berliner).

CREAM explores the boundary between art and design, where object categories blur as contemporary art intermingles with avant-garde craft. The result is a cross-disciplinary experience, creating alternative exhibitions in conjunction with existing art and design fairs, such as the first event, taking place during this week’s Stockholm Creative Edition in the Swedish capital.

ELAKFORM. CREAM is open for the public May 19-21 at Karlavägen 112