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Artist Fricky’s first limited edition of T-shirts might be the most sustainable merchandise to date
Teaming up with Renewcell as the first to launch a line of merch made of Circulose.
8 Dec 2021

Earlier this year, the Swedish artist released his debut album, Fricktion, which perhaps, more than anything else, reflects a person’s pursuit of a more sustainable approach — to music and his artistry but also in relation to the climate. And, as releasing merch has long been an obvious part of reaching out as an artist, the natural thing for Fricky would have been to drop his own line right after his record release. But, despite a great demand, he chose to do things differently and let things take time to find new ways to produce. He ended up with Renewcell and their fabric Circulose, made of a dissolving pulp that originates from recycled fabrics and raw materials.

— Lately, I’ve had a hard time finding arguments for creating new [merch] collections, due to the unsustainable process of producing new textiles. So, to be given the opportunity to do this with Renewcell and be a small part of the huge change that we all have to go through in the next few years feels unreal, he says.

— Music and fashion belong together, which everyone who has a worn but beloved t-shirt from their favorite artist in the wardrobe knows. Fricky uses this connection to drive creativity and inspire the fashion industry to become sustainable in the long run, Nora Eslander, head of communications, Renewcell, adds.

The first limited edition T-shirt drop launches today with more to be unveiled.