Retailer’s new laundry service adds colours to transform your old bedsheets
Swedish concept store chain Aplace teams up with artist collective Mushy for a pop-up laundry, transforming old stuff to something new.
By Oliver Dahle & Johan Magnusson
5 May 2021

Aplace has catered Scandi-fashion to fellow Swedes and foreign visitors for over a decade. The creatives at Mushy reshape old garments into new, inspiring, and wearable fashion through different dying techniques, such as tie-dye.

Their new laundry service enables customers to hand in their bedsheets and then let Mushy’s colour artists transform it into a new, reimagined, and inimitable piece of bed linen. 

— We’re always testing new techniques and colours, which constantly develops the process and makes it inspiring for us in itself, says Ebba Ulander, one of three Mushy collective members (as seen in the top picture).

— We want to continue to push our sustainability journey forward and inspire our customers to make smart choices, without compromising on expression and quality. Our collaboration with Mushy is a clear example of this, explains Kristian Rajnai, founder of Aplace.

The laundry service opens tomorrow, May 6, at Aplace Brunogallerian in Stockholm and online before it moves to their Malmö store on May 20. Mushy will also be selling their unique, upcycled shirts plus the environmentally certified DIY-coloring kits from Färgkraft that they’re using.