All Blues’ first brand store is a monumental space for jewellery
A contrasting trio of materials — glass, mirror, and steel — meet on a foundation of a white terrazzo floor.
1 Dec 2020

Founded in 2010 by childhood friends Jacob Skragge and Fredrik Nathorst, All Blues’ jewellery is handcrafted in Stockholm out of recycled silver and sold at global stockists such as Dover Street Market, Browns, Liberty, Ssense, and MatchesFashion.

They describe their first brand store, located in a 19th century building in Stockholm’s city centre, as a bold yet minimal experience. Elements are kept to a minimum in numbers but upscaled in construction. The space offered unique opportunities to the creative process; 4,7 metres in ceiling height, enormous windows and original walls in usable condition, unveiled after ripping off layers of added colour.

— We’ve been looking at opening our own store for some time but didn’t want to rush into anything before the timing was right. This was also the first place we found where we didn’t feel a need to compromise, and while the circumstances are very different from what we anticipated when signing, we’re incredibly happy to finally showcase the entire brand experience, says Skragge.

— We’ve spoken a lot about how we could create an experience beyond shopping and have visitors interact with the space, adds Nathorst.

The centerpiece is a 1,3 ton ”house” made entirely out of glass, which stands out as a contemporary and upscaled way of storing jewellery.

— While it may be seen as too large in terms of its function as display, it’s perfect in proportion to the spatial volume of the room, says architect Jack Dalla Santa, who’s designed the space together with creative director Nathorst and graphic designer Linnea Mesko.

Opposite the glass cabinet stands a vertical mirror installation, constructed to function as a dressing room, while metal rails with reference to public spaces, double work as a surface to display jewellery on specially designed rubber trays. Keeping the walls untouched within the space adds tribute to the heritage of the building while also confronting the commercial norm of connecting value to newness.

All Blues Stockholm is located on Birger Jarlsgatan 2.