Guide / Copenhagen
”It’s a splendid city, with culinary, architectonical, and artistic experiences that will keep you longing for more”
On afternoon drinks and repurposed fashion
13 Jan 2022

Swedish 29 year old Armin Semovic moved to the Danish capital around the time he got the job as global PR & influencer marketing manager at Samsøe Samsøe. The Danish contemporary fashion brand has an international approach with a local soul, which means that their head office fits like a glove in Copenhagen.

— I was born and raised in Sweden, but with Serbian and Montenegrian blood running through my veins. Naturally, I apply both Nordic and continental stylings to my way of working. This also means that Copenhagen is the place to be for me!

For someone who hasn’t been to Copenhagen, how’d you describe it?

— A delightful and splendid city, with culinary, architectonical, and artistic experiences that will keep you longing for more! 

My favourite thing that makes me proud of Copenhagen: 

— The fact that Copenhageners say what they feel. People from Stockholm, in comparison, can be quite wishy-washy. This place might be frank and opinionated — but rather that than always answering ”maybe”, as the story sometimes goes for Stockholm. 

My favourite weekend routine: 

— Take a long walk from the city centre with a good friend out to La Banchina and enjoy the beautiful walk. You’ll pass everything from Nyhavn and the Opera, as well as KADK and if you’re longing for a minor detour; check out NOMA. This applies no matter the weather circumstances. Magical during the summer, as well as during the winter! 

My favourite cultural spot:

— I enjoy Copenhagen Contemporary (CC). It’s a grand venue that exhibits some of the most amazing contemporary artists. At the moment, there’s a James Turell exhibition. His work in terms of lighting and reimagining space is just breathtaking! 

My favourite place for dining out:

— Lately, I’ve been going to CasaMadre a lot, as my colleague and Samsøe Samsøe womenswear head of design is a co-owner. Her partner pursued his long time wish for a restaurant of his own. And being Italian (both of them), they opened a wonderful little Italian restaurant in Nørrebro, with beautiful natural wines and friendly staff! The place on everyone’s lips at the moment! 

My favourite place for a creative or business meeting:

— I love going to Apollo Bar for an afternoon business meeting. If you go there around 3 PM, you can manage a good hour or two of intense, structured meetings. And after 5 PM there’s a 100% certainty you’ll bump into someone you know. Great if in the mood for a drink, as they make the best Paloma’s in the city! 

Apollo bar. Photography: David-Stjernholm.

My favourite breakfast place:

— I love David and Sara who run Sonny It’s the best coffee (without a doubt!) in the city centre, and their spirit is transmittable in their staff, but also their customers! 

My favourite excursion:

— Serenity can be found a bit outside of the city. Going to Louisiana almost fills me with magical, almost surreal, feelings. The museum in itself is one thing, but the surroundings are what makes it oh so good! 

My favourite local entrepreneur or creative I want to promote:

— I of course have to uplift friends that produce wondrous things. Julie and her co-founder Nanna run the business BABETT — handmade, one of a kind clothing, made out of vintage-, and headstock fabrics. Amazing quality and they’re both generous, warm-hearted people! I truly believe in their vision.


My favourite route for a run or walk: 

— The lakes! It’s a classic. And you get amped up once you see all the other fast-paced and focused runners or joggers! 

My favourite place for fashion:

— To be honest? ILLUM. They have a great curation, even though I sometimes despise shopping centres. But ILLUM breathes luxury, with a modern and cool twist. It’s chic! 

My favourite hotel for a staycation:

— I adore Coco Hotel for its service. But I have to say that SP34 still has a small part of my heart, as their beds are just heaven! 

My favourite space for great design: 

— I’d suggest trying to stop by Paustian when in the city. Curated, and well-planned store, with only the best of brands! And I love it when stores also work as café’s etcetera. They have a Deppanneur within their premises. Another great space that does the same trick is Louise Roe Gallery. A favourite by the fashion loving crowd! 

My favourite example of tech innovation in Copenhagen:

The cheap cost of taking the metro to the airport! It’s astonishing how a city that’s so expensive, can have a route to the airport that cost €5, and we still have to pay €30 in Stockholm for a one-way ticket. Mind-boggling.

My favourite local media:

The Instagram account Copenhageners in Copenhagen.

My favourite thing at home:

My phone-less hours spent in bed, as my internet is super bad in my bedroom. More a blessing than a curse, as I’m otherwise online all the time…