Panel discussion: How to use creativity to address our challenges (Transformation Conference)
Achilles Ion Gabriel, Ellen Hodakova Larsson, and Jesse Hudnutt, take part in a panel discussion on how to use creativity to address our challenges, moderated by Ane Lynge-Jorlén.
22 Jun 2022

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We invite a panel of designers to talk about how they can exchange their creativity, and sometimes radical ideas, into commercial successes while keeping an eye on the environment. As a central part of their design methodology, many use materials innovatively to create a more sustainable and responsible fashion.

Achilles Ion Gabriel, Creative Director, Camper
Ellen Hodakova Larsson, Designer, Hodakova
Jesse Hudnutt, Creative Consultant & Merchant 
Ane Lynge-Jorlén, Director, ALPHA

Jesse Hudnutt, Ellen Hodakova Larsson, and Achilles Ion Gabriel.

This live talk was originally held at the Transformation Conference on May 31. Together with Juni Communication, we invited industry executives, innovation companies, and international press to Puistokatu 4 for half a day of talks and panel discussions about how fashion-tech can drive transformation in the fashion industry.

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