5 things Scandinavian brands should learn from Prada’s latest show
Using digital presentation, VR, and community interaction, Prada’s show at the men’s fashion week in Milan should be an inspiration for Scandinavian brands.
26 Jan 2021

In a time where traditional fashion shows are not an option, Prada is getting creative in their ways of reaching out to customers. We listed 5 key takeaways from the show that we want to see more of from Scandinavian brands.

1. A digital physical presentation

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons’ first menswear collection together for Prada was live-streamed from Milan on Sunday the 17th available for anyone to watch. The show took place in an abstract scene of four connected rooms with walls and floors clothed in faux fur, resin, marble, plaster, different textures, hard and soft materials. It could be seen as both interior and exterior and was an important part of giving a physical feeling when the show could only be seen digitally. The space created by Rem Koolhaas and AMO (a part of OMA) was meant to excite and provoke our senses, and give an intimate connection to our surroundings. The collection was shown with no present audience and it could only be seen via the digital presentation. Muccia says she likes the thought that the shows are available simultaneously for everyone, making fashion more including. She wants to hang on to this virtual development even when physical shows return. 

2. Community interaction

After the show Prada and Simons let a selection of students from colleges and universities around the world ask live questions about the collection. The two designers sat together in the Milan HQ and answered questions and held discussions with the students via live video chat. This concept of letting an audience ask questions directly to the designers minutes after a show has never been seen before like this in fashion. Prada chose to open up this discussion instead of limiting the conversation to a small group of gatekeepers as it’s usually done in fashion. Showing us how technology can be used as a tool to open up unique discussions in fashion.

3. Virtual reality and 3D space

On their website, Prada has made it possible for viewers to virtually walk through the show scene and take a closer look at the interiors and the collection that’s portrayed on mannequins in the different showrooms. Viewers can click their way through and use the floor plan view, dollhouse view, and measurement tool for garments. The show scene is even available to view in VR. Customers are given a super close look of the collection along with the experience of the show scene allowing more people to be closer than ever to the actual show

4. Old traditions and new technology

There are still feelings of a typical runway show such as sending out a physical invitation and the look photographs making it familiar. But then it’s combined with a digital presentation of the collection and the different uses of technology to make the show and the experience of it available in a much wider range. Prada is showing us great examples of how technology can be used to enhance the experience and availability of fashion shows and states that this is something that they will continue developing further on.

5. It’s still about the product

Innovations aside, the show still represented the great level of design that we all expected from a duo of Prada and Simons. The collection contains a range of oversized outerwear, the bomber jackets for example, typical for Raf Simons. As a base for the collection, the designer duo had the ”body suit” which were seen under well-tailored suits and colorful jackets. Prada and Simon’s collection has been received with great reviews and pleased customers. The show and everything that comes with it is a mixture of the traditional runway experience and features of new technology. Prada balances the personal touch with a unique way of making fashion for everyone.