5 innovative collabs catching our attention this week
Upcycled rugs, a Scandi interpretation of an iconic watch, an hommage to the Swedish summer, and more as we highlight the collab projects you should see right now.
19 May 2021

Eton x Sëbou

The shirt specialist has partnered up with Swedish design brand Sëbou for a collection of upcycled rugs, where byproducts from the shirt design process are turned into timeless interior design pieces. The result is a limited-edition collection of consciously created handmade rugs, woven in Morocco from Eton fabrics. With leftover fabric being a common byproduct of textile production, Sëbou purchases it in bulk from countries like Morocco, Ghana, and Sweden to weave their rugs by hand. 

— Sëbou is an extremely talented artisanal company with a real soul that blends creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship to create true pieces of art. They strive to be sustainable not because they are trying to be ”en Vouge” — but because it is rooted in who they are. Through this collaboration, we can give these fabrics an afterlife, says Sebastian Dollinger, chief creative officer, Eton.

— As a design company, trends have an inherent challenge: they have their peaks, and eventually, get replaced by the next trend. Our focus has always been to do the opposite: to make one-of-a-kind, timeless pieces made from materials that are recycled and upcycled and can live for a long time, says Omar Marhri, creative director, Sëbou.

NN07 x Timex

The Danish contemporary brand just launched a new timepiece, M79, designed in collaboration with the American watchmaker.

The NN07 x Timex M79 watch carries the iconic design of the latter’s 1970’s Q model. It features an automatic self-winding movement from Japanese manufacturer Miyota with date and day functions, a 40-hour power reserve, and water resistance to 50 meters. As a subtle signature, NN07’s navy dot has been added as the 7-hour marker.

Limited to 777 pieces, each of them individually numbered and almost sold out shortly after the release, the watch comes in a recycled cardboard box, inscribed with ”Take Your Time”, which is NN07’s campaign slogan — and how they try to live their life in Copenhagen.

Medicom Toy x Airinum

Today, the Japanese action figure brand and Swedish health-tech company drop a limited series of masks. The award-winning Urban Air Mask 2.0 is covered in Jackson Pollock’s signature print with abstract drips and splashes. Specialised in creating toys, Medicum Toy’s creations are considered collectible pieces of art rather than conventional toys, thus their products are sold in limited quantities.

— This collaboration is founded on the creative and revolutionary action painting technique by Jackson Pollock, as documented on the floor of his studio in East Hampton, New York. The designs are details of the colors that spilled over the edges of his most famous poured paintings. We see it as a triangular collaboration where history meets the new world. A historic creative legend meets the innovators of today, and it all comes together in a product of the utmost cultural relevance given the unpredicted future we are facing today, says Fredrik Kempe, co-founder and CMO of Airinum.

Photography: Jesper Gronnemark

Biotherm x GreenKayak

Basically more of a partnership than a collab, global skincare brand Biotherm’s Nordic department just announced financial support for local NGO GreenKayak.

As featured here last year, GreenKayak was founded in 2017 by professional sea kayaking instructor Tobias Weber-Andersen. He had a clear vision and mission: to enable everyone to take local action for the environment by building a global network of GreenKayaks, sharing knowledge and bringing environmental responsibility into people’s everyday lives. The concept is fun, yet effective, and offers everyone to jump aboard a GreenKayak, for free, and while paddling you collect waste in the water. What started in Copenhagen’s canals in 2017 quickly became a European movement with the expansion to Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Ireland. The fleet has grown from 3 to 58 kayaks and more than 25,000 users have together collected more than 42 tons of trash. In 2020, it became a UNESCO Green Citizen project and is now ready for a great 2021 season — together with Biotherm.

— This partnership is a great way for us to allow even more people to join the fight against ocean pollution by using the GreenKayaks sponsored by the brand. We strive for a cleaner ocean and so does Biotherm. Collaborating will result in tons of ocean plastic removed from the water. Thanks to the collaboration, we are able to expand in the Nordics by placing 10 new GreenKayaks in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. We’ll open in new locations in Stockholm and Copenhagen as well as our first-ever location in Oslo, with the ambition to keep growing next year and also open up locations in Finland. The GreenKayaks will be used by thousands of people throughout the summer season and we cannot wait to calculate and communicate about how much waste the kayaks will collect from the local waters, says Tobias Weber-Andersen.

— Waste in nature concerns all of us and we need local partners and actions to raise awareness on what it takes from all of us to battle plastic pollution in aquatic environments, says Mette Kleberg, Nordic Brand Director for Biotherm.

Muro x Gustavsbergs porslinsfabrik

Swedish/Japanese fragrance house Muro Scents Co’s founder Wolf Fischer describes why he founded the brand.

— Except for the obvious fact that I love good fragrance, I also felt that the industry was pretty complacent, eurocentric, snobby, and archaic. That left a lot of room to operate and do something fresh.

This month, the brand teams up with the oldest bone porcelain factory still operating in Scandinavia, Gustavsbergs, releasing a scented candle.

— Me and Oskar Juhlin, the CEO, decided to interpret the arguably most recognizable design, created by the late great Stig Lindberg — former artistic leader at Gustavsberg — Berså. The fragrance came about when we had a coffee in Oskar’s garden on an early summer day last year and was created from an olfactory memory of our meeting. It includes lilac, lily of the valley, plum blossom, tar, freshly brewed coffee, grass, honeysuckle, the sea, and the wood from the patio and the candle comes in the classic Berså marmalade jar. A real treat and an hommage to the Swedish summer.