5 innovative initiatives challenging the hospitality industry
A compostable amenity box aiming to make hotels circular, the patented, award-winning pre-fab building system, special hotel rooms dedicated to female eroticism, and more are included in our guide to stand-out projects from the Scandinavian hotels and their partners.
22 Oct 2021

Eton’s next-level room service

If service is important for you, Elite Hotels and Eton’s new partnership is well worth watching. Effective this month, aiming to offer their guests something extra, ten hotels all over Sweden will introduce a unique room service. The guest can easily order Eton’s signature garment — the tailored white shirt — for the important business lunch or the spontaneous dinner with friends. At five of the hotels, which include a spa facility, the brand’s newly launched swim shorts, made of recycled polyester, will also be offered.

— With this partnership, we’re offering our guests a high level of service and a sense of luxury, and we believe it will be appreciated by both business travellers and staycation guests, David Halldén, President and CEO of Elite, comments.

— This makes it possible for us to be where our customers are and to offer the hotel guests a new level of comfort, Eton’s CEO David Thörewik adds.

AVA Stories / Hotel At Six

This new partnership launches hotel rooms dedicated to female eroticism

This fall, Stockholm luxury hotel At Six and startup AVA Stories, offering an app with short sensual audio stories, series, tutorials, and podcasts, created for women by women with women’s health and satisfaction in mind, join forces. The hotel now offers rooms dedicated to spending a day of satisfaction for both body and soul.

— The right to be and to love whoever you want is a crucial part of our values. This collaboration is both a tribute and a call from us to embrace and normalize female enjoyment that is still taboo in many parts of the world. Joining forces, we can contribute to added value for our female guests and we want to promote increased health and well-being by building and strengthening a good relationship with oneself and one’s body, says Therese Mårtensson, CEO, At Six.

The AVA rooms offer the opportunity to explore your female sensuality and strengthen your sexual health in a safe environment. Except for your typical hotel amenities, you’ll also find intimate products, encouraging self-love. All accompanied by erotic stories created by women for women.

— We want to get more women to develop and own their sexuality. This partnership is an exciting way to spread our message, giving hotel guests the opportunity to experience our service, says Rosanna Thun, CEO and founder of AVA stories.

OnMateria’s Green Box

OnMateria’s compostable Green Box aims to make hotels circular

Tens-of-millions of amenity kits are thrown away every year, quite often after being used only for a few minutes. A toothbrush, for instance, takes in nature more than 300 years to degrade. And even then, some chemical components and micro-plastics will never fully reintegrate into the environment.

Design collective OnMateria, founded by Eléa Nouraud, James Dart, and Lola Buades, has created Green Box, designed to be made of bio-sourced, bio-based, and compostable materials, fully integrable in a circular business model. 

Made out of recycled polylactic acid (PLA), leftover wheat fibres, and non-toxic plant-based pigments, the items can be industrially composted in a controlled environment. The disposable bin included in each room familiarises guests with this new kind of waste-stream, as the guest will sort materials to compostable or non-compostable by themselves. The ”white” parts, contaminated and not made of compostable material, will be disposed of with the general waste and most often incinerated. The ”green”, compostable parts will be composted on an industrial facility, together with the rest of the hotel’s organic waste. 

After 10 weeks of the industrial composting process, what will be left is soil and bio-gas, where one kit could power a standard LED light bulb for more than a day. The organic matter left could be used as a soil fertilizer to regrow wheat. 

The hospitality industry, OnMateria states, has the chance to reinvent itself post COVID-19 and the award-winning Green Box shows that you don’t have to make big changes to have a big impact. After all, something as small as an amenity kit can really make a difference. 

— The concept has not yet become a reality — we are currently looking for partners to help us develop it further. We created Green Box with the input of a hotel in Switzerland, part of Europe’s largest group, and the materials and processes suggested are available and suitable for the concept. We are receiving a lot of interest from people worldwide, and we believe that Sweden and Scandinavia can be great markets to start, as they’re leading the way in circular systems, Eléa Nouraud and Lola Buades tell.

Juniper has come full circle

As we’ve featured before, D2C design company Juniper offers premium products at a fair price for the home. The aim is to capture the feeling that we can all have on our first day of the holiday when arriving at a cozy luxury boutique hotel and to take it home.

This fall, the brand’s launched a line of luxurious and extra-large pool and spa towels, as always made of 100 % extra-long-staple American Supima cotton. But not only that — they’re also going full circle, thanks to the new concept by Juniper. 

Right from the start, founder Matilda Wibom Westerberg tells how she’s been approached by the mentioned smaller boutique hotels to be a part of their large construction and renovation projects abroad. As a small company, and with a primary focus on B2C, she’s not been able to give it the time and energy required. Until now. 

So, a startup focusing on bringing a hotel feel to the customer’s home will now reach out to the hospitality market, aiming to add the hotel feel — to hotels. Full circle indeed.

Ten Hotel: ”We have a hotel built for the future”

Founders of Ten Hotel Group, Joakim Gip and Stefan Wahlén, have a solid background in different leading positions from international retail business, including Nike, H&M, Levi’s, IKEA, and Patagonia. Last spring, in the middle of a pandemic, they opened their first hotel.

— It’s a completely new concept where we have created an effortless ecosystem of living comforts for smart and active people. From the expertly outfitted gym to the health-conscious café and restaurant and spacious common areas with co-working possibilities, here you can count on premium functionality at a reasonable price. And a good night’s sleep, of course. The scoring from our guests so far is outstanding, the duo shares, adding,

— The location is strategic, right in a growth area with easy access, and a lot of companies are moving out of the cities. This is the future — and we have a hotel built for the future.

The hotel is based and developed upon Junior Living’s unique, patented, and award-winning pre-fab building system.

— Our ambition and future drive is to have a large impact on the hospitality industry. All our 194 rooms were built and furnished in their factory in Kungsör, Sweden, and then transported to the main foundation. This means that we’ve been super efficient with our time and we have a guaranteed equal quality in all our rooms when it comes to carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work. It’s been a fantastic process and worked very smoothly — we will not consider any other partner for the next Ten Hotel.

Speaking of that, will you open any more hotels?

— Yes, that’s the plan — at the moment we have two other exciting projects in the pipe, both in the southern part of Sweden, Gip and Wahlén tell.

You also mentioned the location and opened the hotel in the middle of a pandemic, about one mile from Stockholm’s international airport, Arlanda. How has that been?

— Challenging, of course. However, a hotel concept offering everything that we mentioned makes it a good choice for anyone that wants to be active. We are constantly developing and fine-tuning our product and launching new activities together with local sports partners and strongly believe in the future and that we have what it takes for being successful.