3 highlights from the first edition of Southern Sweden Design Days
With a focus on developing a sustainable future, this international initiative, organised by Form/Design Center, premiered last week. Around Malmö’s city centre, an array of disciplines from art, architecture, crafts, and design was linked together in a mix of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, performances, digital, and in-person events.
3 Jun 2021

With the challenges brought by this year, we have witnessed how the design industry has had a hard time keeping its audience engaged and entertained. In the attempt to refocus and shift our gaze on product development, sustainability, local craftsmanship, and materials, Southern Sweden Design Days has done just that. 

Here are 3 highlights from the event schedule:

Sustainable Future — OnMateria

OnMateria is a design collective focused around sustainability, based between Älmhult and Stockholm. With the Green Box project, the collective approached the hospitality business post-Covid from a circular business model developing a bio-sourced, biodegradable and compostable hotel amenity tool kit that will also help raise awareness about new types of plastics by showing them at work. 

Printed Meters — Textiltryck Malmö

Questioning the contemporary attitude towards textiles as a fast and cheap product with a short lifespan, Textiltryck Malmö has invited 12 of its members to highlight the craft’s unique expression and possibilities. Bringing at the forefront the difference between locally produced, long-term sustainable craftsmanship vs mass-produced textiles with enormous environmental impact, they’re ultimately inviting visitors to reflect on our consumption patterns. 

Work in Progress — Olsson & Gerthel

When do you know that you have reached a finished end product? That’s the question Olsson & Gerthel asked local Swedish designers Karolina Brobeck & Mina Karami, Max Gerthel, Rickard Grönkvist, Lisa Hilland, Maja Johansson Starander, Jenny Nordberg, and Simon Vendin to answer. The exhibition — open until June 24 — showcases, highlights, and understands the complex process that every designed product goes through — from product to retailer to end consumer.