10 innovative Scandinavian beauty launches to watch for 2022
The cleansers, fragrances, serums, creams, reusables, and hair products to add to your routine.
2 Feb 2022

The annual and highly curated event Daisy Beauty Expo gathered leading Scandinavian brands showcasing their new launches, including these 10 which caught our attention.

The Wow Serum by Mantle

The Scandinavian CBD beauty pioneer describes their brand new launch as ”illuminating”. And, after we’ve tried it for a few weeks, the promised plumpness has definitely appeared. The serum mixes CBD with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and squalane to provide deep hydration and radiance for all skin tones.

Active Probiotic Mask by Rebiome

Last year saw the launch of what might be one of the most innovative Scandinavian beauty brands. Danish Rebiome produces microbiome skincare combining nature and science to work on rebalancing the skin. The product range includes a mask, which is part of what the brand calls a Bootcamp to reboot your skin. It starts at a skincare clinic and is then followed by a three weeks long treatment at home. Thanks to a unique and patented delivery system, Rebiome states that 8 billion good live probiotics are delivered to the skin at the time of activation, in order to leave the skin balanced, strengthened, and more hydrated.

Golden Amber Probiotic Cleansing Balm by M Picaut

Multi-award-winning M Picaut is one of the most praised beauty brands among Scandinavian beauty editors and experts. If you ask us, it’s clearly not a coincidence. The latest launch is a cleansing balm, originally developed thanks to founder Mette Picaut’s teenage daughter. 

— She wondered why we didn’t have a make-up remover. And when she wanted to buy a product from another big brand, I realized that we needed to develop our own product — and a better product than the ones out on the market! Picaut tells.

The result is a gentle yet effective, unisex make-up remover and cleansing balm, removing dirt, waterproof mascara, sunscreen, and more. It also has a calming effect on sensitive skin as the formulation includes moisturizers, pre- and probiotics, vitamin-rich oils, and fine extracts, such as bisabolol, amber, cloudberry, sea buckthorn, and apricot kernel oil.

Night Active Control by Skinome

The latest launch from what’s likely the region’s only brand focusing on freshly made skincare — to be stored in the refrigerator for the best effect — is an oil emulsion with a high proportion of active and moisturizing ingredients. Using prebiotics to help to balance the microbiome for a healthier skin, the mild exfoliating formulation also includes zinc and ethyl linoleate to reduce pores and control sebum production and skin endogenous retinol to improve skin texture. The product is specifically developed to suit an oily, combination, and acne-prone skin.

Regenerating Vitamin A Retinol Cream by Gilda Liljeblad

High concentrations of ingredients with scientifically proven effects is the focus of the, recently relaunched, classic Swedish beauty brand. That includes this retinol cream where the formulation is rich in encapsulated vitamins A and E to build up the skin and work on the fine lines and other signs of aging as well as help to delay future sun damage. The packaging itself is also innovative. It’s airless, a so-called bag in bottle, which both makes it easier to get all of the cream out of the bottle, enables the brand to reduce the amount of preservatives, and ensures that the quality of the product is the same, from the first to the last pump.

LastSwab, LastRound, and LastTissue by LastObject

The Danish industry disruptor aims to reduce the use of single-use products. The range includes the world’s first reusable cotton swab (including the turquoise one for small children) as well as cotton rounds and tissues focusing on zero waste, which are both made to last and easy to clean.

Cosmetics by Havu

Finnish Havu leads the way for conscious cosmetics. Focusing on simplicity, the formulations are locally produced, bio-based, and biodegradable, the packaging uses local materials, including wood, and is made to be recyclable. The news for this spring are yet to be revealed but based on what we heard at the event, they’ll remain on course, championing the same values that have made Finland a country to watch.

Daily Cleansing Face Mousse by EVY

Here’s another pioneer. The invention behind EVY’s technology forms an invisible, protective membrane that enhances your skin’s natural defences and has taken the brand to retailers across the world. Originally mainly used for innovative sun protection, the range uses the mentioned technology for more and more product categories. This spring sees the launch of their first cleanser, and even though the packaging is only a dummy, what we can say is that the mousse is using five different enzymes, including AHA and BHA, to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

Flexible Hairspray by I am by Swedish Haircare

The new, yet well-respected hair brand has quickly become popular in the Scandinavian beauty community as well as for us. Founder Henrik Artdeson uses his long experience as a competing hairdresser to create multifunctional haircare products and manufactures the brand’s packaging entirely from recycled plastic. The same goes for the latest release, a finishing spray in this sleek bottle, made of green propellant to reduce CO2 emissions. It’s dry, light, medium hold, easy to brush out, and comes with a mild, fresh scent.

Jewelry, hand wash, and hand cream by N.C.P.

The innovative fragrance brand focuses on ”layering”, encouraging the customer to mix two or more different perfumes from their range to create new, unique ones. The bottles come in full sizes as well as smaller bottles, which can also be worn around your neck in this special jewelry. The fragrances are obviously also well-suited for other product categories, such as the latest ones — a hand wash and hand cream.